Sonification of Financial Data

Stockgrok: Make investment decisions through sound

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Bloomberg came to us with a problem: People with visual impairments are at a major professional disadvantage in finance because most data is presented in visual graphs. I worked with a team of five over eight months to research and design a solution to close that gap.

Project Details


Interaction Designer & UX Research Lead


InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch, Mural, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Keynote, Streak CRM


Stockgrok is a web-based audio-visual tool to allow people across the sighted spectrum to explore stocks with technical indicators that are crucial for investment. This product was the culmination of an eight-month capstone project for Carnegie Mellon's HCI Master's degree with Bloomberg as our client sponsor.

Read a deep dive on the creation of Stockgrok or check out the live Stockgrok web app.

Findings into a secondary research report, in which I wrote and designed the chapter An Overview of People with Visual Impairments.

Spring Research Book

Spring Research Book: Front Cover
Spring Research Book: First Page


Prior to developing Stockgrok, I led user research with visually impaired users in data-centric fields. After summarizing the exising literature in a report entitled "Accessibility, Visual Impairment, and Finance," we compiled our findings into an insights report about the state data analysis tools for people with blindness and low vision:

Insights Report: What Am I Missing?